Monday, January 31, 2011


Zawiya is one of our Painted Desert ewes. I believe that she has Jacob in her bloodlines some where, because she is marked totally like a Jacob. We got Zawiya on November 29th, 2011 along with 19 other ewes, that we got from Trirple S Wildlife ranch (Thanks Steve!!). She is a VERY nice and big ewe, she has really nice and big horns for a ewe and also has excellent conformation! She also has very nice coloring! She is registered with the PDSS. I do not know who Zawiya's sire or dam are.

Go to the links below to see her lambings ~

Her 2011 Lambing - Zawiya lambed to a single white ramling on February 3rd, 2011. The sire to the lamb was a BIG 40" horned Texas Dall ram. Her ram lamb is growing the second best horns out of all the 2011 lambs that we had born. You can go here to see more about her 2011 lambing ~

Here are some pictures of Zawiya ~

Zawiya with her 2011 ram lamb ~

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sad News. . . . :(

Well, yesterday night was a sad event. Little Hills Little Maria (Painted Desert ewe) had bottle jaw for a little bit and was loosing weight. So we wormed her. The bottle jaw went away for a little, but she was still loosing weight and not looking good. She then got the bottle jaw back, came down with scours and was getting pretty weak. We put her in a separate pen and gave her some scour halt. On Sunday night when we were feeding the animals we went to check her and she was laying flat on the ground. We attempted to sit  her up, but she just fell right back down (it was apparent she was going to die very soon). She was in with a HUGE Texas Dall ram for a while and another ewe (Emory) that (was in with the same ram) just lambed Saturday. Figuring that she was most likely bred and could lamb any day, we decided to put her down and do an emergency C-section on her to see if we could save any lambs. You only have 3 minutes to get the lamb out after the mother dies. We were able to get the lamb out in  just over a minute. But, sad to say the lamb was premature :( It was a double sad event :( :(

Here are a couple pictures of her - 

Have a good night!!

~ Haleluyah

Friday, January 21, 2011


Alaina is a VERY BIG and beautiful Tunis ewe of ours. We traded Daphne for Alaina (thanks to Ted & Amy Ferm from Ferm Family Farms!). She is a very tame and friendly ewe. Alaina has a very nicely built big body with great conformation and is very meaty. She is a very high percentage Tunis ewe, I believe she is 7/8th Tunis. Her sire is a registered 100% Tunis ram, her dam is also a high percentage Tunis ewe, but we don't know much about her background.

You can go to the links below to see her lambings with us ~

Her 2012 Lambing -

Her 2011 Lambing -

Here are a few pictures of her ~

Sunday, January 2, 2011


***** We no longer own Coastal *****

We got Coastal on September 26, 2010. She is a very nice little Katahdin ewe of ours. Coastal (Coasty for short) was born April 1st or 2nd of 2010. Her dam gave birth to her (Coastal) and her twin brother when she (Coasty's dam) was 13 years old. But, at birth Coastal's dam died because of old age, so her and her brother had to be bottle raised. One of her older sisters is a colorful ewe. Coasty is a very pretty pearl type color with a few black & brown spots on her ears and around both of her eyes.

Here are a few pictures of her ~

Here is Coastal (on the right) with her two buddys, Spotty and Buddy the Alpaca.