Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sheep got bitten

On Monday (10-1-12), one of my sisters said that it looked like one of the sheep had bottle jaw really bad. So, I went out and looked at the sheep and immediately I new that it was not bottle jaw. I new it wasn't, was because I had just seen her and she was just fine and I had just wormed her a few days before. She was so swollen that she was breathing harder and I would barely fit the small 6cc syringe in her mouth.

I gave her about 2 spoons of charcoal and about 11cc of Benadryl. By the way, it won't hurt them if you "overdose" on the charcoal and on the Benadryl . . .if you give way too much Benadryl it will just make them sleepy (as my sister said).

I would encourage all of you animal breeders to keep those two things on hand just incase if this happens to you.

Here are the pictures ~

This is the syringe that I used.

And this is the spoon, just to give ya an idea.