Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New sheep

Well, me, my dad and a few other siblings of mine went down to Windom, TX Sunday afternoon (August 1st, 2011). We picked up 10 hair sheep (3 rams and 7 ewes), along with 14 adult dairy does (7 in milk, 5 not in milk), 5 doelings, 7 bucklings, from a goat dairy that was going out of business. Of the sheep there are two black and white Painted Desert ewes, 1 black and white yearling ram, 2 adult Desert Sand ewes, 1 Mouflon cross ramling, 3 Mouflon cross (Painted Desert) ewelings and 1 REALLY nice mainly Mouflon ram.

Here are some pictures of them ~

Here are some pictures of the Desert Sand ewes and the Mouflon cross lambs.

Here are some pictures of the black and white ram and ewes.

Here are some pictures of the Mouflon ram.

 Have a great week and keep cool!!

~ Haleluyah