Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sheep got bitten

On Monday (10-1-12), one of my sisters said that it looked like one of the sheep had bottle jaw really bad. So, I went out and looked at the sheep and immediately I new that it was not bottle jaw. I new it wasn't, was because I had just seen her and she was just fine and I had just wormed her a few days before. She was so swollen that she was breathing harder and I would barely fit the small 6cc syringe in her mouth.

I gave her about 2 spoons of charcoal and about 11cc of Benadryl. By the way, it won't hurt them if you "overdose" on the charcoal and on the Benadryl . . .if you give way too much Benadryl it will just make them sleepy (as my sister said).

I would encourage all of you animal breeders to keep those two things on hand just incase if this happens to you.

Here are the pictures ~

This is the syringe that I used.

And this is the spoon, just to give ya an idea.


  1. I sure hope she's better by now, poor girl. Do you know what bit her?

  2. Well finding you blog was really timely .... I raise Shetland Sheep and Dorpers. For several years my Dorpers will get jaws that look like that, found one yesterday ... took some pictures of her and was going to send to the breeder I got my first ones 13 years ago. I have had Dorsets, Suffolk, Cheviot, Barbados, Kahtadin, Babydoll, Dorpers and Shetlands over the last 40 years and the Dorpers are the only ones that have had a jaw that looks like that. Since all I have found in books is Bottle Jaw I have wormed them, sometimes they show marked improvement, sometimes not. The last one I had I was going to have a Necropsy done but she died on a weekend and they were closed. Never thought about Benadryl, neighbor does have a lot of beehives and find bees in my water tubs constantly. What is the reason for the charcoal and where do you get it?

  3. Bottle jaw looks different, and so does a foxtail in their throat