Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Arrivals

Well, its been a little while since I posted last. So, I'm just doing a quick post for now. We just got back home a few hours ago or so with a lot of birds and 3 NEW Jacob sheep! They are really nice and big. Two of them are ewes and one is a wether. The wether has two horns, his name is Little Bit. One of the ewes has three horns, her name is Sophia. And the other ewe has four horns, her name is Izzy. They are all VERY nice. I plan on shearing them  in the next week or so.

Here are some pictures of them ~ 

Front to back: Izzy, Little Bit, Sophia.

 Left to right: Izzy, Little Bit, Sophia.

This is Little Bit.

Have a good week!!

~ Haleluyah

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