Monday, January 2, 2012


Well, I thought that I should just give a little update on the sheep. 

As of right now we own 38 ewes, 5 rams and 2 little ram lambs. 

We have a few sheep for sale right now . . . go check out our for sale page for more information ~ . 

25 of our ewes are bred. The first ewe due is Appalachia and she is due on February 1st! We have several other ewes due in February too and then we have a little break, because no ewes are due in March, then we will be starting up again on April 4th and then we will be having ewes lambing from then until May 4th.
There are 3 or 4  more ewes that we plan to breed as soon as they come into heat and the rest of the ewes are younger ones that we want to wait a few more months to breed.

Here are a few pictures ~ 


  1. Love the last shot -it's really pretty

    1. Thanks!! Its me holding one of our Painted Desert bottle lambs.