Thursday, March 22, 2012

Broken Lamb Leg:(

Well, on Monday I shut the moms and lambs up (at least I thought they were all shut up) in a smaller pen and then left and went to town. When we got home one of my older brothers found a lamb out of the pen, so I went to see who's lamb it was that was out. When I went down to the pen my brother was holding Coastal's ewe lamb and said something to sort of "the lamb broke her leg". So, I took the lamb and her mom back to the barn and had one of my sisters splint the leg while I held the lamb. The lamb had gotten one of her front legs stuck in a pallet and thus broke it. My brother found her like that when we got home so I don't know if she was like that the whole time that we where gone, I felt really bad tho because I should have made sure all the moms and lambs where together . . . oh well, hopefully she heals up fine.

Here are pictures while we were splinting it ~

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