Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cameron Lambed ~ April 9th, 2012!!

On Monday, April 9th, 2012 I saw Cameron having contractions in the morning. We watched her all day long and she just continued having contractions. We then left and went to town (she still had not had anything). Around 10:00pm when we got home from town she had a beautiful brown/white/black ram lamb out (it looked like she had just had him recently). We watched her on and off for about an hour and then around 11:00pm she had another one, a black ewe lamb. We thought that she was done having lambs so we finished doing all the night time chores and then went to bed. But, when mom got up around 5 or 6:00am she had a big black dead ewe lamb on the ground that looked like it died because she did not lick its face off:( I don't blame Cameron because she was in labor all day long and then had a lamb around 10 that night and then another one an hour later and then another one (she was throughly exhausted, I could see that before she even lambed). Oh well, at least she has two healthy lambs that she is taking care of.

Here are some pictures ~

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