Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snickers Lambed ~ February 8th, 2012!!

Well, on Wednesday, February 8th, 2012, Snickers, one of our Dorper ewes lambed to triplets . . . 1 ram lamb and 2 ewe lambs.

I was awakened by my mom around 4:30am, because Snickers had two dead lamb heads hanging out. My brother tried to get them out but was unable to do so. We woke my sister up, and she had to push the lamb on top all the way back in and then pull the lamb on the bottom out . . . sad to say that lamb was dead:( After that my sister pulled the other "dead" lamb out . . . but then the "dead" lamb was alive!! Praise God for us being able to get it out before it died like its other sibling did. After we got the second lamb out the third lamb's head popped out, so we pulled it out . . . she was not really stuck. The dead lamb was the ram lamb and the two alive lambs are the girls.

After all that, we tried to get Snickers to stand up, but she was unable to stand. Either she had permanent nerve damage or just needed time to heal up. It can take up 3 weeks for her to get better we have read or she could have permanent damage . . . hopefully she will get better.

Because of that we are bottling one of her lambs. The other lamb was able to figure out how to nurse while she is laying down.

The sire to the lambs is a Katahdin ram, Rocky and the dam is a Dorper ewe, Snickers.

Here are some pictures ~

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